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Let Your Writing Divorce Your Mania for Productivity

Patiently look into the unexplored world of your own mind.

I’m a slow writer. But I’m also a fast writer.

Sometimes thoughts come quickly and everything flows. Other times they’re hidden under the mysterious soil of the brain so it takes time to dig them out.

As I write, new and unexplored ideas might emerge.

One of my thoughts might contradict another. That’s when I need to stop and ask myself, “Which of these ideas do I agree with? This or that? Or both? Or neither?

It’s the beauty of writing. It allows you to explore the unknown world of your own mind.

Why rush this process?

If writing is your job and you have deadlines, then chop chop! But if you write to inspire yourself and others, wanting to write fast is like wanting to paint fast. Or compose fast. Or draw fast.

Let it take 10 minutes or 10 days.

Let your writing divorce your mania for productivity.

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