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Beat Writer's Block Through This Simple Mental Game

Writer's block does not exist

Imagine an asteroid is about to hit our planet. We have 15 minutes before we get wiped out but we have one person who can save us: you.

You can do that by writing a story, a post, an essay — anything. It doesn’t have to be interesting, clever, or original. It just has to come into existence.

Produce something in those 15 minutes and we’ll be all right. Keep staring at the screen and it’ll be the end for us all.

Please don’t tell us you have writer’s block now.

Writer’s block is all about your high expectations and your fear of sounding dumb or banal. Once again, it’s your perfectionism getting in the way.

Reframe your thinking and start writing whatever. You’ll soon notice that the mere act of writing is enough to keep you writing, not least because ideas often come as you explore them on the page.

You can beat writer’s block today by playing this quirky “Armageddon” kind of of mental game.

“Writer’s block is a myth. Writer’s block is a choice.” — Seth Godin, The Practice, P. 161

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