Vale's Escape from Oppression (Part 1)

About the episode 

In this episode, you’ll hear a true story about oppression, rebellion, freedom and discovery. You’ll hear me speaking with Vale, a young Iranian woman who left her country because she was feeling oppressed there. She comes from a traditionalist Iranian family but discovered a world she’d never seen before when she saw some pictures in her English textbooks. Vale is now living in Italy and uses social media to help other Iranian women discover who they are and what it means to be a woman.
This is truly one of the most inspiring stories someone has ever told me.
In this episode, you’ll hear the first half of the conversation. You’ll hear the second part in episode 23.
Vale’s story was inspired by a picture she took in Iran. You can see it on my website (link below).

Episode Links

  • Vale’s Instagram @thevaastray.

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