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Useful, But Not Authentic

Drum kits, electronic keyboards and AI

If you want to be a great rock drummer, you have to play an acoustic drum kit.

But an acoustic drum kit is big and noisy. You may not have enough space for it in your house, or — like it happened to me in my early 20s — you might become unpopular among your neighbours if you start playing it in your bedroom.

There’s an alternative: you can buy an electronic drum kit. It’s smaller and virtually noiseless as you can hear its sounds through a pair of headphones.

An electronic drum kit, though, is different from an acoustic one. The pads are harder and faster, the music you produce is artificial and, no matter where you hit them, the cymbals always make the same sounds. It’s a useful instrument as it helps you practice and experiment at home after a concert or a drum lesson, but it’s unlikely that you’ll become a great rock drummer by only playing that. 

An electronic drum kit is useful, but not authentic.

The same story applies to aspiring piano players. If you want to be a great piano player, you have to play the piano, not an electronic keyboard.

What about learning a language by interacting with AI chatbots and apps?

Same. Useful, but not authentic.

Me, 2010

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