Discover Who You Are: With Author and Polyglot, Urmi Hossain

About the episode 

In this episode I’m joined by Urmi Hossain. Urmi is a proponent of self-development and continuous learning. She’s also an author. She was born and raised in Italy by Bengali parents, who wanted her to be the typical Bengali girl: obedient and perfect for the community.

In her book called “Discovering Your Identity: A Rebirth From Interracial Struggle”, she narrates what she had to go through in her childhood. She does this through reflections and confessions about what it felt like growing up in a household that wanted her to be someone she didn’t want to be.

She’s also a polyglot as she speaks 4 languages: Bengali, Italian, English and French.

You’ll hear us talk about:

  • Her book.
  • How she learned English.
  • Fear of being judged.
  • Fear of making language mistakes.
  • How to achieve confidence in speaking another language.
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