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Tips Without Stories Are Empty, Dry, and Uninspiring

You'll solve that problem by attaching a story

Exclude the story from the tip and you’ll turn it into a cliché.

One of these is a cliché.

  1. Want to write better? Reading helps a lot. Read widely. 
  2. Want to write better? My writing wouldn’t be as good as it is now if I hadn’t read all the books I’ve read. Read widely. 
  3. The most successful writers are voracious readers. Stephen King, for example, reads 1,349 books a month. Read widely.
  4. Research suggests that reading improves your grammar, sentence structure, and spelling. Read widely.
  5. I’ve been studying writers for a decade. I can tell you they’ve all improved their writing by reading. Read widely.

Where’s the story in tip No.1? So why should we believe you?

That’s the sort of advice a robot can give us.

Humans like to learn from other humans. It’s just the way it is.

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