Stories from an English Learner: Tanya from Russia

About the episode 

In this episode, I talk to Tanya, a lovely lady from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Tanya is an advanced English learner who took the Storyworthy Book Program with me and five other learners from around the world in April 2022. I invited her to join the podcast to tell a personal story that she had prepared as part of the storytelling course. You’ll hear us talk about:

  • Why she likes learning English
  • What she finds challenging about learning English
  • The Storyworthy Book Program and what she learned from it
  • The power of personal storytelling and how she could use stories in her life
  • Tanya’s story about living with her husband

At the end of the episode, I also tell you what makes Tanya a successful learner of English and what you should do if you want to improve faster.

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