A Chat About Learning Grammar with Tania, a Highly Experienced Teacher from Melbourne

About the episode 

In this episode I talk with Tania, a highly experienced English teacher from Melbourne, Australia. Tania moved from Australia to Italy in 2006 and for the first time in her life she understood what it meant to not be able to speak a language and communicate. “It was horrible and frustrating,” Tania says. 
Tania has been teaching English to Italians for nearly 2 decades and even had her own language school for many years. Teaching gives her a huge amount of satisfaction and she says that she has found her purpose in life in helping others communicate effectively in English.
You’ll hear her talk about:
  • her experience living in Italy and learning Italian
  • the role of learning Grammar when studying a language.
  • what she thinks about levels (A2, B1, etc).
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