Storytelling Battle with Martin from Rock n' Roll English

About the episode 

In this episode, I play a personal storytelling game with Martin from Rock n’ Roll English, the funniest English teacher and podcaster out there (in my opinion).

The game is called “3-2-1.” Martin and I give each other 3 concrete nouns (e.g. pen, book, glass). We then choose one of these nouns and have 2 minutes to prepare to tell a 1-minute personal story about it.

“3-2-1” is a game that Matthew Dicks, a master storyteller from the US, plays in his storytelling workshops. I decided to play it with Martin as I know he loves telling stories.

You’ll hear 6 stories including not wanting to marry Aloha, my partner, and acting like Homer Simpson. Some of these stories are not bad, some others are great. This is a light-hearted episode that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.


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