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Many Good Reasons to Start a Personal Blog Today

Share what only you can share

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

A personal blog is not the place where you write about how much you love your cat or how angry you are at your girlfriend. That’s called a personal journal. A personal blog is where you share something you think might be interesting and useful for other people. 

Maybe you don’t believe it but you do have interesting and useful stuff to say. 

Think: no one in the world has ever been through what you’ve been through. None of us know what’s it like to face the challenges you faced,  solve the problems you solved, learn the skills you learned, and quit the things you quit. 

Right now, though, many of us are trying to overcome exactly that challenge, learn exactly that skill, solve exactly that problem and quit exactly that thing.

Can you please help us?

That’s one reason why you should start a blog. But there are many, many more.

Do it because you want to get into the habit of writing. Do it because you want to learn new English words. Do it because you want to reflect, learn, and question. Do it because writing is fun. Do it because your favourite bloggers do it. 

Do it because you might get hired as a blogger by someone who loves your writing. Do it because writing is a quiet, personal, introspective, and insightful activity while the world keeps telling you what you should or shouldn’t do. 

Do it because it requires no degree. Do it because it’s free. Do it because it’s so embarrassing and cringeworthy to read the posts you wrote one year ago — and that means you’ve grown. Do it because you like reading. Do it because all bloggers are writers and many of your favourite writers are bloggers. 

Do it to improve and practise your English. Do it because someone out there can’t wait to read it. Do it because if you want to be a writer, you have to write. Do it because no one else other than you can give us your unique perspective on things. 

Do it without expecting anything but good stuff. 

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