Start a podcast and speak English every day

Start a podcast in English.

It’ll help you develop your language skills in so many ways.

🙂 You’ll develop fluency by speaking at length using the English that you already have.

🙂 You’ll listen to yourself and discover what you can do well, which will help you become more confident.

🙂 You might have to prepare your episodes and search for words you don’t yet have in your brain. This will expand your vocabulary.

🙂 You might use words you’ve recently learned, which will help you review and reinforce vocabulary you’ve already acquired.

🙂 You’ll be listening to yourself and notice what errors you tend to make so you can get rid of them.

🙂 If you decide to write the show notes, you’ll get writing practice.

🙂 If you decide to have guests, you will have conversations with others, share stories and learn from other people. 

This list could go on forever.

Podcasting can help you solve language problems without spending money on courses, classes, and programs. And I’m saying this against my own interest as I sell courses, classes and programs. So I hope you believe me when I say that podcasting can take your English not to the next level, but to the top level.

It’s free, doesn’t require any expensive audio equipment and it can make learning English fun and motivating.

Anyone can do it. You may say, “I don’t have enough English!” No worries. You don’t need to have mastered English to start a podcast in English. But you’ll master English as a result of having a podcast.

Daniel Goodson, a learner of English who started a podcast to get more fluent, said to me, “It’s 100% sure that you’ll improve drastically if you start your own podcast. Guaranteed. If you do it on a regular basis, of course. 100% guaranteed.”

Start a podcast. I really hope you’ll do it.

Thoughts? Let me know. I reply to every comment.