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Nobody, Including Me, Shares Their Failures Enough

Are you sharing only success stories online? Are you telling the world how cool you are, how hard you work, and how many people buy your stuff?

Share your failures too.

No, not the stories of how you succeeded after failing. The time you failed — period. The time you sold 1 when you expected to sell 100. The day you quit a project because it was going nowhere. The current low engagement on your dead YouTube channel.

It’s hard to find such stories. Saying “I’ve come last in the race” takes courage. Saying “I’ve won the race” doesn’t.

Why get uncomfortable though?

Authenticity is unpopular but leads to human connection.

Show the real you — a person who both succeeds and fails — and you’ll come across for what you really are: a flawed human being with immense power.

People will start seeing them in you — that’s how you’ll succeed.

Photo by 立志 牟 on Unsplash

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