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How I Landed an Interview with Seth Godin, One of My Heroes

Not everything is impossible

When I announced I was going to publish a YouTube interview with Seth Godin, some people found it hard to believe me.

Some even asked me if the video was an AI fake.

I, too, couldn’t believe it when Seth replied to my email saying he was happy to chat with me. I had been dreaming about having him on my show for months, but I thought it was impossible.

  • “Seth will never accept an interview with a YouTuber who has only 650 subscribers.”
  • “Seth is a busy man. He won’t have time for me.”
  • “Seth doesn’t reply to emails. Someone else must be doing that for him so it’ll be impossible to contact him directly.”

These were some limiting beliefs I had.

But then I listened to an episode of Akimbo, Seth’s podcast, where he talks about “possibility.”

He said:

As we build the culture, as we build the society, as we train our kids, one of the most important things we need to do is making clear to people that it’s possible. Talk to someone in the book business in 1990, when they published 50,000 books a year, and they would tell you that their biggest challenge was finding great authors, finding enough great people to write great books that they could sell. Last year, a million books got published.  

So, what happened? How did we go from 50,000 books to a million? It’s not all of them were junk. What happened was, like Kindle, an open publishing platform made it, so that people realised it was possible to publish a book.

I had to stop walking when I heard that. I received those words as a sign. Seth was saying, “It is possible. You can have me on your show.”

So I decided: I wrote him a 448-word email — a bit long, but one that I would love to get from a fan.

53 minutes later he said yes. 

How would an Argentinian feel if they knew they would soon have a private conversation with Lionel Messi? How would a Harry Potter book lover feel if they knew they would soon meet J.K Rowling for coffee? How would you feel if you knew you were going to meet one of your heroes — one-to-one?


And that’s how I felt too.

This is why it was hard for me not to feel tense while talking with Seth. People who know me well can tell I’m nervous. People who don’t, well, they can tell, too.

3 Lessons Learned from This Experience

This could easily become a meme

I’ll forever remember the day I interviewed Seth Godin, not least because the experience taught me three important things:

1. If you never ask, your chances of receiving will always be zero.

2. “If I was able to make it, you can make it too.” No, that mantra we often see on social media is not always true. I don’t believe that anything is possible. It’s impossible for me to become the prime minister of Japan. It’s impossible for me to do the washing up with a smile. 

But some things can become possible the moment you start believing they can be.

3. You may think you’re not worthy because you have few subscribers, followers, friends, viewers, readers — use the word you want. But here’s the thing: that number, whether it’s 3 or 300,000, says nothing about you as a person or as a professional. 

Nothing at all. 

Seth knows this. “Your Facebook friends aren’t your friends,” I’ve often heard him say. It’s hard to disagree with that. I bet there are people out there who are among the best in the world at what they do and yet they have zero online presence. 

So, no, that number everyone seems to be so obsessed about doesn’t define you in any way.


Seth Godin is one of the most generous people I’ve ever talked to in 37 years of my life. I’m so grateful I had the chance to spend 40 minutes with him. 

I wish the same for you. I hope you’ll get to talk with one of your heroes too one day. Maybe all you need to do is show them your genuine admiration.

And ask them to meet you.


Watch the interview on YouTube

Or listen to the episode on my podcast.

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