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The Day I Finally Understood How to Use Semicolons in English

It took me over 10 years of reading and writing to make sense of them

Photo by But Never Dull on Unsplash

I keep finding semicolons in books but never use them in writing. I don’t understand them.

Today, for the first time, I felt I needed one.

I was writing a post for a client. I typed, “Trust me. This book is like no other.”

I looked at the sentence and thought, “Full stop? No. Semicolon!”

But I wasn’t sure, so I asked ChatGPT.

“Trust me. This book is like no other.” — The period emphasizes each sentence individually. It creates a slightly stronger pause between “Trust me” and “This book is like no other,” making each statement stand out on its own.

“Trust me; this book is like no other.” — This suggests a closer connection between the two sentences, emphasizing that the second sentence is a continuation or a result of the first. It provides a softer pause than a period.

I was right!

Over a decade to get here 😅.

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