A Chat With a Porn Detox Coach: Roman Mironov

About the episode 

In this episode, I talk with Roman Mironov, a Russian porn detox coach based in Toronto, Canada.

Roman discovered porn in 1996 when he was 14 and quickly became a porn addict. He felt alone and miserable. This nasty addiction even made his marriage fall apart in 2012.

At 32, he committed to quitting porn forever. He’s 40 now and hasn’t consumed porn for 8 years. He feels in charge of his life.

When Roman shared his story online, he discovered he was not alone. Many people resonated with his experience and they kept reaching out to him asking for guidance. He decided to help these people and in 2019 he became a full-time porn detox coach.

In this episode, you’ll hear him talk about:

  • his story (including how he learned English).
  • porn addiction.
  • how he helps people who’re addicted to porn.

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