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Improve Your Text by Reading It Aloud

A free editing tool

Read your text aloud before sending it into the world.

I always do it.

Reading my stories aloud helps me spot problems in my writing. First off, it helps me notice whether my sentences are of different lengths. If I sound too fragmented, for example, that means I’ve used too many short sentences one after the other. If I find myself gasping for air, that might be a signal my sentences are too long or my punctuation needs attention.

I also spot bits that don’t work, typos, missing words or extra ones I can cut. Do I sound assertive? Arrogant? Friendly? Blunt? I’d never know if I didn’t give my story a voice.

Reading aloud is a useful (and free) editing tool.

Use it to improve your writing and ship a better text to your readers.

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