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Fabio Cerpelloni's Writing Portfolio

1 book + over 230 pieces published in magazines, publications, and websites.
(Not planning to stop.)

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My Book (Self-published)

Any Language You Want: 18 Conflicting Answers for a New Kind of Language Learner

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Articles for Express Publishing

StoryLearning (Ghostwriting)

  1. 50 Essential New Zealand Slang Words To Sound Like A Local In No Time
  2. Possessive Pronouns: A Complete Guide To Possessive Pronouns & Adjectives
  3. The Ultimate Guide To Writing And Saying Dates In English
  4. Numbers In English: How To Count And Talk About English Numbers
  5. 80+ English Collocations To Boost Your Vocabulary & Sound More Fluent
  6. A Comprehensive Guide To The 9+ Modal Verbs In English
  7. 100 Australian Slang Words & Expressions To Sound Like A Local
  8. The 25 Best English Magazines To Improve Your English And Have Fun
  9. Learn English With Podcasts: The 15 Best Podcasts For Learners
  10. The 19 Best YouTube Channels To Learn English
  11. 10 English Word Stress Rules To Pronounce English Like A Pro
  12. 20 Tricky Minimal Pairs In English To Improve Your Pronunciation
  13. Rules Of English Pronunciation: 28 Rules To Help You Speak Fluently
  14. Best English Speaking App: 14 Apps To Perfect Your Spoken English Skills
  15. How To Improve Your English Reading Skills: 18 Top Tips 
  16. The 20 Best Movies For English Learners
  17. The Ultimate Guide To The English Future Tense
  18. 10 Common Interview Questions And Answers In English
  19. The 11 Best English Vocabulary Books For English Learners
  20. 100 Essential English Verbs For Fluent English Communication
  21. Why Learn English? 16 Surprising Reasons To Learn English
  22. A Comprehensive Guide To Professional English
  23. 20 English Greetings To Sound Natural In Conversation
  24. 10 Cool Comics In English To Learn While Having Fun
  25. The 20 Best English Grammar Books For English Learners
  26. How To Learn English At Home: 11 Simple Strategies
  27. The 13 Best Blogs To Learn English
  28. Email Writing In English: A Simple Guide
  29. The 20 Best TV Shows To Learn English
  30. How To Speak English Fluently: 10 Fluency Tips
  31. 50 Essential Proverbs In English
  32. 85 Connectors In English To Speak And Write Fluently
  33. A Comprehensive Guide To Reported Speech In English
  34. 12 Essential English Spelling Rules To Help English Learners Write With Ease
  35. The 20 Best Apps To Learn English On The Go
  36. How To Master Apostrophes In English In 6 Simple Steps
  37. Intonation In English Made Easy
  38. The Ultimate Guide To The English Past Perfect
  39. 40 Amazing Conversational English Topics To Kick-Start Discussions In English
  40. 10 Common English Mistakes To Avoid
  41. A Complete Guide To The Present Perfect In English
  42. The 11 Best Books For English Learners
  43. 60 Advanced English Vocabulary Words To Communicate With Impact
  44. The English Conditional Tense Made Simple
  45. How To Master Past Participles In English

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