Stolaroid Stories - The Language Program

What's this language program?

Are you tired of conversation classes where you always speak about the same old topics like food and holidays?

Would like to practise and improve your English by reflecting on meaningful moments of your life and telling your own personal stories?

Do you feel you have a busy life and never have enough time to practice reading, listening, speaking and writing?

This language program is for you then. It’s a short program designed for you to develop all four skills as well as practice and improve your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. All this by using your personal life stories, which will make the language you learn easier to remember ad assimilate.  

The program is based on these 4 episodes of Stolaroid Stories, my little storytelling podcast:


And here’s what you’ll practice:
  • Reading and listening: you’ll listen to my stories and read the transcript at the same time. This is a great language exercise for many reasons: you’ll discover new words in context, learn how they are pronounced and reinforce your grammar as well as sentence structure.
  • Speaking: you’ll tell your own personal stories and receive expert language feedback on your speaking.
  • Writing: you’ll email me your own ideas, opinions and feelings about the stories from the podcast. You’ll receive my feedback on your writing too.
  • Vocabulary: all my stories are told as if I were having dinner with my friends, so you’ll learn a lot of informal spoken English expressions that you can then put into practice immediately by telling your own story. Also, all the audio scripts include a side column with a glossary and language notes to further explore language. 
  • Grammar: producing language in speaking and writing is the best way to practice grammatical structures. The side column next to the audio scripts includes links to short video explanations and grammar references too.
  • Pronunciation: you will practice pronunciation receptively by listening and reading as well as productively by telling your story. 


Why should I take this program?

 You will only learn what you really need. There are no lists of words or grammatical structures to study just because they exsit.

You will learn by putting your English into practice. You will learn by using the language. You will learn by doing!

You’ll use English to make a connection with yourself and your soul. You’ll reflect on who you are and your life thanks to the amazing art of personal storytelling.

You won’t use textbooks, artificial texts or unnatural dialogues. Only your stories and mine. This is the materials you will use. Authentic, personal and unique. 

You’ll get my expert language feedback. Corrections, suggestions and comments that will help you improve the way you express yourself.

No need to schedule meetings. Work on your stories and tasks when you have time. It’s a program designed for busy people!

Transcripts, language notes and tasks

What's included?

For each story, you will get a worksheet that includes:

1. The audio script of the story, so you can read and listen to it without missing a single word.

2. Language notes and a glossary so you will learn new words and grammar in context.  

3. Links to language explanations and short video lessons, so you will explore language in more detail. 

4. One writing task on which you’ll get my feedback, so you can express your feelings and opinions about the story you listened to.

5. One speaking task with my feedback, so you can use new expressions and improve your speaking by telling your own true story. 

6. A table where you can record what you learned from each story.

And you will also get...

7. A checklist to make sure you’re on track with the tasks.

8. A list of suggested activities you can do to improve your listening through the podcast.

Would you like to first try this program before you buy it?

No problem!

Download the free worksheet below (Episode 6).

Complete the two tasks and send them to me for feedback.

This way you'll see if it suits you or not.

Who's this for?

This program is for you if you want to:

This program is not for you if you:


This program is designed for busy people, so you have 8 weeks to complete it. You can work at your own pace whenever you have time, but I’ll send you a checklist to make sure you’re on track.

Anyone who is between intermediate (B1) and avanced (C1) can take this program.

Language feedback includes:

  • corrections
  • suggestions for improvements
  • more sophisticated ways of expressing your ideas
  • links to language explanations

Yes, you can! You can download Episode 6 here and complete the writing and speaking task. Send them to me to receive free feedback on your English and see if this program is for you or not. 

Your investment: 190 euros

After you click the button, you will be taken to the application form. You won’t pay anything now.