One to One classes

Would you like to meet online and work with me individually so you can have all my attention? I’m happy to help you!


This is what one to one classes with me are all about. You’ll be speaking a lot.

About what? 

Speaking tasks include personal storytelling activities around your life stories, so you’ll improve your speaking skills while reflecting on your life and connecting with yourself.

“But I’m not a storyteller!”

No worries. You don’t need to be a skilled storyteller to be able to join. But you might become one as a result of taking these classes.

You’ll leave each class with a personalised detailed feedback document that includes new vocabulary, language points to review and explore as well as suggestions and tips to keep improving.

Classes will be on Zoom. They last 45 minutes and we’ll decide together when they’ll take place according to our schedules.

How much do they cost?

6 classes: 185 euro 

Want to have fewer than that? Sorry, I believe 6 is the minimum to make some progress. 

Are you ready?

Apply now and I’ll get back to you within two working days.

After you click the button, you will be taken to the application form. You won’t pay anything now.