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It's Become Too Easy for Everyone to Churn Out Obvious Articles

Thankfully, not everyone accepts them

In the submission guidelines of The Writing Cooperative, one of Medium’s largest publications, Justin Cox, the editor, says this:

Do not submit anything written solely using a generative AI tool. Further, any submission that could have been written by generative AI will be rejected.”

What I especially love about this is the bit in italics

It means that regardless of whether or not they’ve been written by a human, at The Writing Cooperative you won’t see any dull, repetitive, dry, impersonal, banal, mediocre, or obvious articles.

Those four words in italics are there to enhance quality. And I hope to see the sentence they’re part of more and more in submission guidelines around the internet.

Cheers to compelling human storytelling 🥂.

Ironically, I generated this image in a couple of clicks using DALL-E


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