About the episode

In this episode, I tell a very short story about a time I went for a slow mindful walk in my neighbourhood and noticed little things around me that made me feel grateful. One of the reasons I sometimes feel sad and frustrated is because I focus on what I don’t have rather than appreciating what I already have. 

Appreciation, this is what this story is all about. It’s a simple story that might inspire you to have a walk in your neighbourhood and pay attention to what’s around you, so you feel happier. Being grateful is one way to feel happy.

I took the photo you see below while I was walking. It’s not the greatest photo you’ll ever see, but it very much reminds me of that day. 


I’ve been to many countries in my life (not as many as I would love to, though) and taken hundreds of pictures of people, buildings, situations, foods, animals, landscapes, weird objects and monuments. I’m sure you have too.

Some of my pictures are just lame. Some others (very few) are, to me, amazing. Every single one has a story behind it. They might tell about a long chat over a beer in a pub in London with some friends or a long and strenuous climb on an Indonesian volcano.

You should travel to another place to find beauty and awesome things. Ever had this thought?  I have, many times. As the saying goes, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Or is it?

This photo tells another story.

No flight was booked before taking it. No packing up, no check-ins, no social media uploads saying ‘Fabio is travelling to____’. None of that stuff. And yet, it makes me feel grateful. It makes me feel good. 

All I did was go out for a walk. Not for a run, that I often do. A walk. A slow mindful walk around the neighbourhood.

I saw people playing with their dogs, runners, kids playing around, farmers driving tractors, an old couple sawing down a tree in their backyard, green fields and cats looking for lizards.

Nothing like the Great Pyramids or the Niagara Falls, but who cares? This is what my hometown has to offer and I’m glad I took the time to appreciate what I have where I live.

Got a similar story? Let me know. I reply to every comment.