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“Whatever Brilliant Ideas You Have or Hear, the Opposite May Also Be True"

My favourite quote


“Whatever brilliant ideas you have or hear, the opposite may also be true.” — Derek Sivers

This quote is fabulous. It reminds you to put a question mark at the end of every thought you have or idea, tip, statement or suggestion you hear.

So when you hear “Putin is bad!”, you don’t assume that’s true by default — no. Instead, you change it into “Putin is bad?”

That question mark is a symbol that encourages you to form your own idea about Putin. It prompts you to research, think critically, and piece together your own jigsaw.

The same goes for your own ideas and thoughts. 

A vegan diet will eventually make you sick.

This is a thought I used to believe. But I then discovered it simply wasn’t true.

I hope you’ll make use of this quote. 

It’s a great tool for independent thinking.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexel


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