Learn English at Home, Think Positive and Meditate: Sharing Stories With Mary Glazunova

About the episode 

In this episode, I’m joined by Mary Glazunova, an English teacher, coach and author from Kyiv, Ukraine. I met Mary at the beginning of 2021 in an online teacher training course on how to teach without coursebooks and we’ve been sharing lots of teaching ideas since then. In the episode, you’ll hear us talk about: 
  • How Mary learned English without ever living in an English-speaking country
  • What made both of us fall in love with English
  • How we like teaching English
  • Mary’s inspiring story of hope based on a picture she took in Canada, where she has recently moved because of the war in Ukraine.
  • The power of meditation
At the beginning of the episode, I talk about the ‘Storyworthy Book Program’, an English storytelling course I’m offering in September (link below). I say there are 5 spots available. That was true at the time of recording but there are now ONLY 4 SPOTS LEFT, as another participant booked one. So…book yous today! Listen to the full episode because at the end of it I focus on a very common idiom I used while chatting with Mary. Happy listening!

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