A Chat with a Learner of English Who Became Popular Through Her Podcast: Lucia Matuonto

About the episode 

Lucia Matuonto is a book author, podcaster, and children’s physiotherapist from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, who speaks English, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

During the global lockdown she started The Relatable Voice podcast as a way to connect with others and share stories.

On her show she interviews people from all walks of life. Her guests range from book authors, life coaches, and public speakers, to survivors, healers, and storytellers. She invites them to talk about life, books, goals and, in Lucia’s own words, “whatever else comes up.”

At the time of writing, The Relatable Voice Podcast counts over 300 episodes.

Imagine how much speaking practice Lucia has done over the past few years. In fact, she says that since she launched her show in 2020, she’s been making noticeable progress in her English speaking skills and she’s now more confident in her ability to communicate.

You’ll hear her talk about her experience with podcasting as a learner of English and I hope this conversation will inspire you to start your own podcast.

Me on The Relatable Voice podcast (coming soon)

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