Stories from an English Learner: Julie from France

About the episode 

In this episode, I’m joined by Julie, a French teacher based in Barcelona. Julie is one of the six participants from around the world who joined the Storyworthy Book Program., a 10-week storytelling/reading/discussion program that I opened in April 2022. She crafted a personal story as part of the course and shared it with the rest of the group. Today you’ll hear her tell that story, which is inspired by a photo she’d taken of a language coursebook (photo below).

You’re also going to hear me and Julie talk about:

  • how she learned English.
  • communication problems she had when living in London.
  • what she learned in the Storyworthy Book Program.
  • what she learned by writing her own story.
At the end of the episode, you’ll also hear me talk about a verb Julie used in her story.
If you’re an adult intermediate learner of French and would like to study with Julie, you can get in touch with her on Instagram (@juliezefrench) or join her newsletter (link below).

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