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Trust the Process, That's All You Need to Do

Keep digging and you'll find the water

You’re in the desert. You’re thirsty but have no water.

A Beduin comes and says, “Here’s a shovel. Take it. There’s plenty of water underneath your feet. Dig and you’ll find it.”

You start digging. After ten minutes, you find nothing.

You think maybe you’re digging in the wrong spot so you move and make another hole a few steps away. Ten minutes later, still nothing. So you move again. And then again and then again and again.

Exhausted, you look around and all you see is shallow holes.

But no water.

Now imagine a different situation.

You start digging. After ten minutes you stop, but only for a break. Then you dig for another ten minutes. You keep digging the same hole trusting that the process of shovelling sand will eventually bring you water. You don’t know when, but it’ll appear.

After three hours, you’re exhausted.

But guess what?

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