How to Live Book Club

Improve your speaking and vocabulary by reading about and discussing conflicting life philosophies.

‘How to Live Book Club’ is an online book discussion group for upper-intermediate and advanced learners of English that will help you develop fluency and vocabulary as well as critical thinking skills. 

Read key chapters of How to Live by Derek Sivers, a modern philosopher, discuss them online with me and a small group of English learners from around the world and get feedback on your English too.

This book club is for you if you'd like to:

The Book

How to Live Book Cover

This is how the author describes his book:

“Not quite non-fiction, not quite self-help. It’s a work of art about conflicting philosophies.

Many books believe they know how you should live. But each book disagrees with the next. In “How to Live”, each chapter believes it knows how you should live. And each chapter disagrees with the next.

One chapter makes a compelling argument for why you should be completely independent, keeping all options open. The next chapter argues why you should commit to one career, one place, and one person.

One chapter persuades you to be fully present, and experience each moment. The next, to delay gratification and invest for the future.

Which one is right? Which does the author believe? All of them. It’s a philosophy of conflicting philosophies. A very unique and thought-provoking book. Meant for reflection as much as instruction.

113 incredibly succinct pages of profound insights. No philosophers are quoted. No -isms are named. Only actionable directives. The end result feels more like poetry than prose.”

Available on PDF, Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook on Amazon or on Derek’s website –

Read sample chapters here or a sample of the audiobook here.

"Best way to be engaged in learning"

“I enrolled in Fabio’s course on reading Derek Sivers’ ‘How to Live’ because I love reading non-fiction books, and I know that it is essential to discuss content. With Fabio it’s possible to do everything in English, improving reading and speaking skills, and I did improve it. It was incredibly marvelous to find out different perspectives on different ideas of ‘how to live’, time had been flying while we were speaking. Isn’t it the best way to be engaged in learning? That is why I may highly recommend this course to anyone whose aim is to become better in English.”
Tanya from Russia

How does it work?

  • Read

    Read the assigned chapters in your own time BEFORE we meet online. You'll receive reading worksheet to organise your ideas and record vocabulary.

  • Meet and Discuss

    Meet me and your group (max 6 people) to discuss what you read, share ideas and tell personal stories. I'll moderate the conversation and give you language feedback too. We'll meet on Zoom 5 times for 1 hour.

  • Get My Feedback Document

    You'll get my language feedback document that includes corrections, suggestions and reformulations. You'll get the recording of the meeting too.

  • Telegram Chat

    Keep the conversation going between sessions in a private Telegram channel. Ask all the questions you want about the vocabulary used in the book or anything else you have doubts about.

How much does it cost?

How to Live Book Club

  • 5 sessions (1 hour each)
  • Private Telegram channel
  • Language feedback document
  • Recording of the meeting

*The cost of the book is not included. You can easily buy it on Amazon or on Derek’s website.

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"Learning about storytelling will improve your English but also deepen your connection with yourself and others."

I've already started writing stories to share with my close ones. I took notes about the book and then reused them during the call, which is great to memorize new concepts or vocabulary. I enjoyed sharing my understanding and views on the book with other members. This really helps when you acquire new knowledge and skills. Fabio's feedback was extremely useful, both regarding the form and content. The last part of the book club was really challenging: we participated in his podcast, telling our own personal story. I enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone. I would recommend this book club to anyone willing to improve their English in a meaningful and special way, willing to know more about storytelling and why it matters.
Julie from France
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