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What’s The Best Way to Learn a Language?

A guest post for Leonardo English

Source: Leonardo English

What’s the best way to learn a language?

If you look for the answer to this question online, you’ll find YouTubers, coaches, teachers and podcasters telling you how to “take your language to the next level”.

A teacher on YouTube might tell you to use subtitles when watching movies so you can expand your vocabulary. Another, however, will advise against them so you can really improve your listening.

A language coach in a podcast might say, “Stop worrying about your grammar mistakes! Focus on communication!” But then you hear another one saying, “Language is made of grammar. Grammar is important! Study it!”

Who should you listen to? Who has the right answer to “What’s the best way to learn a language”?

(This is the intro of an article I wrote for Leonardo English. Keep reading here.)

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