Learn Grammar With The English Grammar Detective: Paul Duke (Part 1)

About the episode 

In this episode, I’m talking with Paul Duke, The English Grammar Detective.

Paul helps English teachers and learners understand the complexities and nuances of grammar. He’s an English Instructor, online tutor, and content creator based in Vancouver, Canada.

Paul was a private investigator and executive security specialist. In that profession, he learned a lot about asking questions and acquiring information and he has found a clever way to adapt these techniques into an inductive method of teaching grammar. In this 2-part conversation, you’ll hear us talk about:

  • The connection between crime scenes and learning grammar
  • Teaching grammar
  • Grammar rules
  • Why grammar is essential
  • How to learn grammar
  • Avoiding learning grammar
  • Grammar in writing
  • Knowing what you want to learn a language for
  • English Weirdness (Paul’s grammar investigation series on YouTube)

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