Me as a podcast guest

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Zdenek’s English Podcast

Teacher Zdenek and I talk about Australia, dangerous snakes, working in London, living abroad, learning English, and more. 

Link: Travelling, Telling Stories and Teaching with Fabio


Rock n’ Roll English Podcast with Martin Johnston

Talking about the power of storytelling with Martin, a great podcaster and the funniest English teacher I know.

Link: Stories, Stories and More Stories with Fabio


Smart English Coach with Clare Whitmell

A chat with Clare, an English teacher, about why joining a non-fiction book club can be such an interesting and ‘real-life’ way to learn English.

Link: The Advantages Of Non-Fiction Book Clubs 


Ingles Podcast with Craig Wheeland from

How I learned English, becoming a teacher, the intermediate plateau, and more.

Link: How to reach a C2 Proficiency level of English with Fabio


The Relatable Voice Podcast with Lucia Matuonto

Living in several different countries, teaching English, and writing my book — “Any Language You Want.”

Link: Lessons Learned: A Language Learner’s Journey to Becoming a Teacher and Author with Fabio Cerpelloni


Trouble With Writing with Phil, Paul, and Pete

A great group discussion about learning, writing, and teaching English.


My Fluent Podcast with Daniel Goodson

A chat with Daniel Goodson — a language learner and podcaster — about personal storytelling, reading books, quitting social media, and more.

Link: Personal StoryTelling for Language Learners | Interview Fabio Cerpelloni, teacher, podcaster, author


The Chat Box with Katty Ortega

A Q&A session about Any Language You Want, the book I wrote.

Link: Any Language You Want: an incredible book written by Fabio Cerpelloni, our guest today


21st Century Expression with Marty Green

An insightful interview about how to master a second language, what’s worth doing, motivation, failure, and much more.

Link: How To Master English – Fabio Cerpelloni | 21st Century Expression 005


Hard-Boiled English with The Grammar Detective, Paul Duke

Great live interview about teaching, learning, reading, writing, blogging, podcasting, and more.

Listen here.