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Me as a podcast guest

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Table of Contents

Dec 18, 2021 — Zdenek’s English Podcast

Teacher Zdenek and I talk about Australia, dangerous snakes, working in London, living abroad, learning English, and more. 

Link: Travelling, Telling Stories and Teaching with Fabio


Apr 25, 2022 — Rock n’ Roll English Podcast with Martin Johnston

Talking about the power of storytelling with Martin, a great podcaster and the funniest English teacher I know.

Link: Stories, Stories and More Stories with Fabio


Oct 16, 2022 — Smart English Coach with Clare Whitmell

A chat with Clare, an English teacher, about why joining a non-fiction book club can be such an interesting and ‘real-life’ way to learn English.

Link: The Advantages Of Non-Fiction Book Clubs 


Dec 4, 2022 — Ingles Podcast with Craig Wheeland from

How I learned English, becoming a teacher, the intermediate plateau, and more.

Link: How to reach a C2 Proficiency level of English with Fabio


Jan 14, 2023 — My Fluent Podcast with Daniel Goodson

A chat with Daniel Goodson — a language learner and podcaster — about personal storytelling, reading books, quitting social media, and more.

Link: Personal StoryTelling for Language Learners | Interview Fabio Cerpelloni, teacher, podcaster, author


Mar 18, 2023 — Learning English Through Stories with Urmi Hossain

A conversation about the power of personal storytelling with Urmi.


Mar 20, 2023 — Trouble With Writing with Phil, Paul, and Pete

A great group discussion about learning, writing, and teaching English.


May 5, 2023 — The Relatable Voice Podcast with Lucia Matuonto

Living in several different countries, teaching English, and writing my book — “Any Language You Want.”

Link: Lessons Learned: A Language Learner’s Journey to Becoming a Teacher and Author with Fabio Cerpelloni


May 8, 2023 — The Chat Box with Katty Ortega

A Q&A session about Any Language You Want, the book I wrote.

Link: Any Language You Want: an incredible book written by Fabio Cerpelloni, our guest today


May 24, 2023 — 21st Century Expression with Marty Green

An insightful interview about how to master a second language, what’s worth doing, motivation, failure, and much more.

Link: How To Master English – Fabio Cerpelloni | 21st Century Expression 005


23 Jun 2023 — Hard-Boiled English with The Grammar Detective, Paul Duke

Great live interview about teaching, learning, reading, writing, blogging, podcasting, and more. Listen here.


22 Sept 2023 — John Scott Lawton’s English, you know…

An interview about how I wrote my book with John Scott Lawton, a language teacher with over 40 years of experience.

Link: Any Language You Want — with Fabio Cerpelloni


01 Nov 2023 — Luke’s English Podcast

An interview about my book, culture, and learning with Luke Thompson, the creator and host of Luke’s English Podcast, a successful show for learners of English with a loyal audience in countries all around the world and over 1 million downloads a month.

Link: Any Language You Want with Fabio Cerpelloni


17 Jan 2024 — English Podcast with Paul

Life abroad, learning English, learner autonomy, accents and more.

Link: Fabio Cerpelloni interview.


25 Jan 2024 — The Ink Well Podcast with Paulius 

A discussion on what it means to learn a foreign language efficiently. We also talked about how language learning is changing, how to be an independent learner, and why some non-native English teachers are still being discriminated against in the workplace.

Link: How to Become an Independent Language Learner? – Fabio Cerpelloni


17 Apr 2024 — The Level Up English Podcast 

Michael and I discuss some ways to learn English and why it’s not as simple as you might think. Michael believes you’ll leave, however, feeling inspired, motivated, and with some new ideas on how to best master this language.

Link: The Best Way to Learn English with Fabio Cerpelloni | The Level Up English Podcast 268


06 Mag 2024 — Lindsay Does Languages (with Lindsay Williams) 

Sharing my stories about learning English by living and working abroad with polyglot Lindsay Williams.

Link: How to Learn English Living Abroad with Fabio Cerpelloni


14 Mag 2024 — Due chiacchiere con Fabio Cerpelloni (with Claudia Alvarez from SpanglItalian Learn Italian).

My first podcast interview in Italian. The host is Claudia Alvarez, a friend who teaches Italian as a second language.

Link: Conversazione naturale in italiano