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What Would You Do If You Knew How It’s All Going to End?

Would you keep playing or would you quit?

Gomorrah is one of Italy’s most popular TV series of all time and one of Sky’s most-watched cable shows.

My partner and I have watched the first two seasons and can confirm it’s great. Now it’s time to watch Season 3 Episode 1.

We press play.

We watch the episode but struggle to follow the story. There are characters we’ve never seen before. The actors from Season 1 and 2 look much older and some of them have gained considerable weight. It’s all too confusing.

“Are you sure this is the first episode of the third season?”

“Yes, look: S3 Ep.1. It’s the right one. “

“Hmmm, weird. Let’s keep watching. Hopefully we’ll figure something out by the end of it.”

We weren’t watching Season 3 Episode 1. We were watching Season 5 Episode 10, the last episode of the entire series. The finale. Someone made a labelling error when uploading the show on Lookmovie2.toMega spoiler. Mega swearing and imprecations. Now we know how it’s all going to end.

What would you do if you knew how it’s all going to end? What would you do if you could know the outcome of all your actions and efforts? Would you still play or would you quit?

Not knowing what’s around the corner keeps you curious and inventive. Uncertainty, if you allow it to, generates excitement.

It’s the best thing about living the story of your life, business and creative endeavours.

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