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What Does It Mean to Live Your "Dream Life"?

My idea of a "dream life"

Many self-help books tell you to visualise your “dream life”. Paint it, draw it, doodle it. This helps you “get there”.

But what will you do once you “get there”? Will you stop dreaming?

That’s unlikely.

Imagine getting to a stage where everything is perfect and you have nothing more to pursue. No ambitions, no motivation, no stimulus. You’d have no more reason to exist.

So it’s more likely that even if you “get there”, you’ll have another goal to achieve, another improvement to make, another problem to solve.

This is how life works.

That’s why, to me, it makes more sense to see the “dream life” as a point in time where you look around and say, “What I have and who I am is enough. Anything else is extra. But I have the privilege to pursue it anyway.”

And that point in time could be this very moment.

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