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Why I Don't Use Lead Magnets to Grow My Newlsetter

Quality vs. quantity subscribers

A”lead magnet” is a terrible term that refers to something free you create to incentivise potential subscribers to join your private email list.

It could be a PDF, a free email course, or something else.

I don’t use any lead magnets for 3 reasons:

1. I want people to join my private email list primarily because they want to hear from me and need my help, not because they get a freebie in return.

Having a lead magnet is potentially a way to create an audience of “false” fans.

You get more subscribers if you have one, that’s for sure. You may even get multiple a day. But I’d rather have one “true” subscriber every two weeks (which is what I normally get) than 10 a day who join me because they needed a swipe file.

Not having a lead magnet acts as a quality filter.

2. We say lead magnets are free. They’re not. If they were, we would put them on our websites as free downloads without requiring people to give us their email addresses.

3. I’m a mean person. I join newsletters only to download files and then unsubscribe as soon as I get them. I’ve had 50-second subscribers too when I used to have a lead magnet. I don’t want that anymore.

My private email list for non-native English writers is small (260+ people).

And that’s totally okay because I go for quality, not quantity.

Many marketing specialists would not agree with me, I’m sure. But the beautiful thing about building your business, brand, audience, empire, side hustle — use the word you like — is that you get to make the rules.

If something doesn’t feel right or doesn’t align with your values, then you’re free to avoid it and try something else instead.

There’s no one way right way to learn a language. There’s no one right way to become Trumpelloni Fabio. (LOL!)

Here’s the link if you’d like to join me.

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