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Successful Creators Used to Suck

Get inspired by their past mediocrity

We go on YouTube in search of motivation. We watch interviews of inspiring people and listen to what they did to become successful. 
But one of the most motivating things you can do is not to watch “you-can-do-it-too” types of videos.
 Try this instead.
 Go to a channel of a popular creator, someone who has millions of subscribers. Not someone random, but a person you admire for what they put out there.
 At the top of their video section there are 3 buttons: “Latest,” “Popular,” and “Oldest”.
 Click on “Oldest” and watch a couple of those clips. Look how unprofessional and rudimental they are. The quality of everything is so poor compared to what they do now that it’s almost embarrassing to watch. 
 A second later, however, you realise how hard and consistently these people worked at building their thing.
 And that’s precisely what you can use to motivate yourself.

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