What is Language? With Christian from Canguro English (pt.2)

About the episode 

This is the second half of the conversation with Christian Saunders from Canguro English. If you haven’t listened to the first half, I suggest that you listen to the previous episode first.
In this episode, Christian and I talk about:
  • why the concept of “best method to learn a language” is misleading.
  • why Christian would love to burn all language textbooks.
  • Christian’s opinion about using ChatGPT for language lessons.
  • the only word I remember from 3 Spanish classes I took in 2015 and why I remember it.
  • why teachers can’t really be blamed for how languages are taught.
  • why it would be hard to overcome cultural limitations and the impact these limitations have on language learning.
  • language mistakes.
  • Christian’s online Academy and projects.
  • some fun facts about Christian’s YouTube videos.

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