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The Psychology of Creativity

With Bree Aesie (from Into the Story podcast)

Behind any creation, there’s the work of a mind. That mind is often fearful and insecure.

“They might not like this. They might not like ME.”

You’re an artist.

You can’t afford to let someone else’s mind harm your own. But you’re also an artist who wants to be liked and accepted.

Do you have the courage not to be?

I invited my friend, Bree Aesie, to talk about this.

Bree studied psychology and has been building on the internet since 2020. Consistently. She’s the host of “Into the Story,” a wonderful storytelling podcast for learners of English I wish had been around when I was a learner myself.

You’ll learn more about the psychology of creativity, and hear about our fears, frustrations, and joys as creators.

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