Boredom Isn't a Thing Anymore

My parents broke up in 1993. I was 6 back then. My dad moved out so he would come to pick me up during the week to spend some time with me.

He would park his car outside the house and wait for me to come down. Every time I kept him waiting for literally more than two minutes he would get upset with me. He would make comments like “Oh, at last!” or “How long did it take you?” or “Finally! I was getting old inside here.” He did that from 1993 to 2005. 

These days, when he occasionally comes to pick me up, I still keep him waiting for sometimes 5, sometimes even 10 minutes. But he doesn’t get upset with me anymore. No more impatient remarks. No more grumbling. 

My dad has a smartphone now.

Fabio Cerpelloni is an English language teacher, writer, author, and podcaster from Italy. You can find out more about him and his work by clicking on his glass of beer in the photo.