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It’s Your Thinking That Makes You Attractive

Not the color palette of your website

Your thinking is what makes you attractive.

Think about all the people (creators, politicians, artists) you’re attracted to. Why are you attracted to them?

I’m drawn to my favourite writers not because they have a cool website or because they write beautiful sentences. I’m attracted to them because of the way they think and how that is reflected in their writing.

After 11 years, I’m still attracted to my partner because of the way she thinks and how her thinking is reflected in her actions.

I’m not attracted to many politicians because of the same reasons.

If you want to attract people (clients, readers, romantic partners, anyone) I can’t see a better strategy than sharing your thinking.

Your thinking:

  • Your opinions
  • Your observations
  • Your sense of humor
  • Your analysis of an issue
  • Your reflections
  • Your doubts
  • Your frustrations
  • Your “why”
  • Your beliefs
  • A lot of other things

Many will find your thinking very upsetting. That’s okay. Many others will find it attractive. That’s great.

As long as you don’t insult anyone with your ideas, you have nothing to worry about.

But sharing your thinking doesn’t mean posting pictures of your holidays. We don’t care about that unless:

  • You’re a celebrity.
  • You’re a close friend.
  • Something happened to your thinking while you were on holiday.

It’s not your holidays. It’s not your colourful website. It’s not the number of followers you have. It’s not the background music on your YouTube videos.

It’s your thinking.

Don’t be afraid to share it.

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