One of the Most Motivated Learners I've Ever Met, Antonello Zanini, Shares How He Improved His Writing

About the episode 

In this episode, I talk with Antonello Zanini, an English language learner, software engineer, blogger, and technical writer from Italy.

Antonello fell in love with learning languages and transformed his freelance business as a software engineer into Writech, a company that provides technical writing content in multiple languages. He has clients from all 6 continents and says achieving this goal would have been impossible without his language learner mindset.

Antonello is one of the most motivated language learners I’ve met in my life. 

You’ll hear him talk about:

  • How he learned English and why.
  • The system he developed to improve his English
  • How he improved his writing by publishing articles on Medium, a free blogging platform.
  • His language learning publication on Medium and why you too should publish articles there.

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