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Launching and Growing a Successful Podcast: With Alastair Budge

An interview with a successful digital entrepreneur

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Today my guest on Stolaroid Stories is Alastair Budge.

Alastair is a successful digital entrepreneur who, in 2019,  launched English Learning for Curious Minds, a podcast for learners of English that helps people improve their language skills while learning interesting things about the world.

At the time of writing, Alastair’s show has been downloaded over 5 million times in 189 countries. Clearly, Alastair has created something people want. 

How did he do that? Was he just lucky?

I invited him on my podcast to talk about the business side of launching a successful product. Alastair shared insights into his business journey, past failures and his future plans as a digital solopreneur.

You can listen to the interview on my podcast or watch us on my YouTube channel.

And if this episode helped you in any way, please email me to let me know.


Fabio Cerpelloni is an English language teacher, writer, author, and podcaster from Italy. You can find out more about him and his work by clicking on his glass of beer in the photo.