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Are AI Content Detectors Reliable Tools?

Read this 150-word story and judge by yourself

One of my blog posts has recently been rejected by an editor on She said it was AI-generated so she couldn’t publish it. She also said she used an AI-detector tool to check.

I did not use AI to write that blog. So I decide to use a couple of AI detector websites to double check.

One was ZeroGPT. On its website, I read “ZeroGPT, the most Advanced and Reliable Chat GPT, GPT4 & AI Content Detector.” ZeroGPT said my text was AI-generated.

I then used the tool the editor had used. I got this message: “This is human text.”

Let me rant now. Can you say you’re a writer if you let AI do the writing for you? No, you can’t. Can you say you’re an editor if you blindly let AI decide whether or not a text is human-written? No, you can’t.

Are AI detectors reliable? Hahahah!

Fabio Cerpelloni is an English language teacher, writer, author, and podcaster from Italy. You can find out more about him and his work by clicking on his glass of beer in the photo.