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Are AI Content Detectors Reliable Tools?

Read this 150-word story and judge by yourself

One of my blog posts has recently been rejected by an editor on She said it was AI-generated so she couldn’t publish it. She also said she used an AI-detector tool to check.

I did not use AI to write that blog. So I decide to use a couple of AI detector websites to double check.

One was ZeroGPT. On its website, I read “ZeroGPT, the most Advanced and Reliable Chat GPT, GPT4 & AI Content Detector.” ZeroGPT said my text was AI-generated.

I then used the tool the editor had used. I got this message: “This is human text.”

Let me rant now. Can you say you’re a writer if you let AI do the writing for you? No, you can’t. Can you say you’re an editor if you blindly let AI decide whether or not a text is human-written? No, you can’t.

Are AI detectors reliable? Hahahah!

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