Consume learning advice responsibly

Some say, “Want to know the best way to get fluent in a language? Don’t study grammar! Speak instead!”
Great advice. I agree.
You can get fluent in a language without studying its grammar and you do have to speak to improve.
My Italian partner Aloha, for example, has never opened a grammar book but she can communicate well in English because she learned it while working in Australia and New Zealand.
She still makes some grammar mistakes though, so studying grammar is what might help her notice these imperfections to refine her English and communicate even better.
So “Don’t study grammar! Speak instead!” would be the best advice for you if you tend to bury yourself in grammar books and never get out in the real world to use the language.
But if you’re like Aloha, then no, I don’t think that would be helpful.
It’s so easy to find general advice about anything these days. But what may work for one person in one specific situation may not work for another.
I believe this is especially true in language learning as learning a language is a highly personal activity that doesn’t just involve learning rules and words, but also self-esteem, identity and self-confidence.
Please consume advice responsibly 🙂

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