What I'm Doing Now

Updated on 18-11-2023

This is what I’m doing now besides blogging and teaching English.

Changing focus

Writing in English as a non-native English writer — this is what I’ll be focusing my future content on. I have a lot to share so consider subscribing to my channels if this is what you need help with. (PodcastYouTubeMy private email list)

MA Dissertation

I’m writing my Master’s dissertation in Professional Development for Language Education. It’s a big academic assignment focused on supporting non-native English writers self-assess their writing so they can develop their skills independently.  I’m looking for participants to join the study. Please get in touch if you think you could be one.

Any Language You Want (My Book)

My book was published in August 2023. I’m now talking about it on podcasts, magazines for language teachers and YouTube channels. 


Finished reading Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown. I’m now discussing it with Lara and Trisha in my book club. I’ve ordered The Practice: Shipping Creative Work by Seth Godin. Can’t wait to read it!


I’m not a fan of European cities but I’ve been to Amsterdam and loved it! I’m going to Hamburg, Germany with my brother in December. We’re going to see TOTO, one of my favourite rock bands.

Praise for My Work

Praise for My Teaching

I’ve helped many students through conversation and storytelling sessions, group lessons, private classes, programs and book clubs. Here’s what some of them said about working with me.