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I used to speak English like a broken robot. I used to believe I was not a writer. I used to think no one would ever hire an Italian as a writer or teacher of writing.

My clients proved me wrong.

As a pro writer, I have 3 goals. As a pro teacher of writing, I also have 3 goals.

3 Goals as a Pro Writer

  1. Make sentences that connect with your clients’ hearts and minds.
  2. Make sentences that help your business grow.
  3. Make sentences that can’t be summarised or trimmed. 
I’ve been doing this for education websites and magazines. My blog posts, interviews, and articles are usually about two main topics: (1) the English language; and (2) language learning and teaching.
That’s my “niche,” but I don’t restrict my writing to that. (Check my writing portfolio for everything I’ve published since 2021.)
Here are some of my happy clients (who would ever show the sad ones).

3 Goals as a Pro Teacher of Writing

  1. Help you engage your readers with your words.
  2. Help you overcome unhelpful beliefs you may have about yourself as a non-native English writer.
  3. Help you become an independent writer so you won’t need my help anymore.

Some of my happy English as a second language clients.

Some Random Facts About Me

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What I'm Doing Now

Updated on 12-03-2024 from my home in Cogliate, Italy. 


I’ve been journaling since the beginning of 2024. It helps me slow down, analyse, reflect, assess, decide. It’s all easier than I thought.

Writing my MA dissertation

First 8,000 words down. About 8,000 to go. 

World-famous podcast guest

I can’t believe he said yes to my podcast invitation. Soon I’ll be interviewing him…

Reading “The Carbon Almanac”

A book about climate change written by volunteers around the world. No opinions, only facts. 

Praise for My Writing
& Creative Work

Praise for My Teaching

I’ve helped many students through conversation and storytelling sessions, group lessons, private classes, writing programs, and book clubs. Here’s what some of them said about working with me.