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6 Types of Communicators I've Seen: Which One Are You?

Revolutionaries, Attention Grabbers, (Generous) Narcissists, Gandhists, Diplomats, and Sellers

6 types of communicators I’ve seen in the (social media) world:

1. The Revolutionary

Revolutionaries let their anger and frustration slip into their words. They want to win the debate and reply “Yes, but…” to almost everything. 

They attack people directly, sometimes by mentioning names as well. This often generates hatred towards them. But they don’t mind. 

Revolutionaries like to be hated because, they say, generating hatred means they’re destabilising the system. 

Aggressive communication is part of their revolutionary strategy.

2. The Attention Grabber

Attention Grabbers do nothing but provoke people. They’re not trying to make any change. What they’re trying to do is get attention — nothing else.

And so they piss people off by spitting out big claims and absurd absolutes they themselves find hard to believe. This gets them some engagement. 

And that’s all they care about. 

3. The (Generous) Narcissist

Narcissists make everything about themselves. “Look what I’ve done!” “Look what I have!” “Look how I failed!” 

A mere Narcissist does this only to show off. A generous one adds, “Take me as a role model. Follow my example.” 

This is still a narcissistic way of communicating, but at least helps make a change in people.

4. The Gandhist

The Gandhist makes change by smiling on podcasts. They have strong views and want to revolutionise the system, but they don’t raise their voices or frown when communicating their message. 

They’re not trying to convince you they’re right. What they see in the world upsets them, but they rarely attack people or insult others. 

They know non-violent communication is the best way to make change.

5. The Diplomat

Diplomats want to keep everyone happy. They choose their words meticulously and are always careful not to annoy people with their message. 

“Will this upset anyone?” they constantly ask themselves. If the answer is yes, they revisit their message and make it as neutral as possible. 

The Diplomat hates selling and self-promotion.

They think they’re in the business of making change, but in reality no, they’re not.

6. The Seller

Sellers don’t communicate unless they have something to sell you. A membership, a newsletter, a product, a service — they have a “call to action” attached to anything they say. 

Their creations do make change, but they’ve taken their game a bit too far.



I’ve been all six of these communicators, both online and in the real world. 

Have you, too?

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