4 Weeks with Fabio

What's "4 Weeks with Fabio"?

“4 Weeks with Fabio” is a practical one-to-one program to help you grow your vocabulary, become more confident and eliminate some of the mistakes you tend to make.  You’ll do short daily speaking activities based on your personal life stories while I’ll be there with you the whole time to help and guide you. You can ask me all the questions you may have at any time and have all my attention. You’ll have me as a personal language trainer for the entire duration of the program.

How does it work?

  • You’ll receive 2 speaking tasks a week that will require you to tell personal stories. You’ll also receive a guide that will help you tell your stories as best as you can.

  • You’ll complete the speaking tasks by recording yourself and then send me the recordings for feedback. This will include corrections, suggestions, short explanations and links to online resources that will help you explore language. And I'll share my stories with you too.

  • You have unlimited voice chat with me on Telegram (or WhatsApp) so you can contact me for questions and language issues, or simply to chat about life.

How does this program help you?

“4 Weeks with Fabio” can help you:

"It was a transformational learning experience"

I truly appreciate every effort Fabio made to help me. He listened to my needs and adjust his method for me throughout the process. The feedback he gave me helped me notice what I had to improve and his encouragement inspired me to learn more. It felt like learning English with a real friend rather than a teacher. Additionally, I learned more than just English from Fabio because he talked to me about his attitude towards life, which has had an impact on mine too.
Lyn from Taiwan

Why not meet every week for 1 hour like most private language classes?

In my experience, most students meet with a teacher for 1 hour a week and then never speak until they meet with their teacher again. 

I don’t think this works well.

Language learning is like building muscles. Is better to go to the gym and work out with your personal trainer for 1 hour a week only, or train regularly for 15 minutes every day? 

That’s why I believe a program like “4 Weeks with Fabio” could be more effective than individual lessons.

Instead of meeting on Zoom for conversation, you’ll receive tasks where you work regularly on your speaking skills. You’ll speak more and also get more feedback from me than you would get in a one-to-one lesson because I have more time to listen, think and develop suggestions for you to improve.

You can join the program for 202 euros.

After you click the button, you will be taken to the application form. You won’t pay anything now.