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3 English Phrases Used in Writing I Can't Stand

No no no, please, don't make me read them

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It’s hard to put this feeling of dislike into words but there are some English phrases used in writing I just can’t stand. I just can’t. Here are 3 I wish I’d never have to read:

We live in a world where / that…
Example: We live in a world where people don’t talk to each other anymore.

I’m often tempted to use this phrase when I write but I feel it’s a lazy one to use. So I force myself to avoid it. Get off my brain! 

Every. Single. Day.
Man, this is the worst. Typing it feels like a waste of finger energy.

Example: In my 20s I started doing stuff to improve my English. I always did that. Every. Single. Day.

It makes me want to yell at the writer.

Slowly but surely
Bloody hell. There are one million ways to express the idea of something that will definitely happen even though it’ll take time. Slowly but surely is the worst.

Example: Improving your writing doesn’t happen in a day. If you practice, though, slowly but surely you’ll be able to become a well-read author.

I’m not even sure I used it correctly. But I can guarantee you won’t be able to become a well-read author if you use “slowly but surely”. 🤣

These phrases work in speaking but I dislike seeing them on the page. If you ever catch me writing these phrases, please…no, you’ll never catch me using them.

What are yours?

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