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27 Inspiring Podcast Guests I’ve Interviewed in 2023

A short post to thank all my 2023 podcast guest

This year, my podcast listeners and I had the privilege of being inspired by 27 amazing people.

A kick-ass writing coach: Philip Charter

Iron Woman and prolific writer: Veronica Llorca-Smith

A voracious reader: Aleksandra Aubay

A curious mind and podcast pro: Alastair Budge

A tireless polyglot: Lindsay Williams

A brave tech entrepreneur: Andrew Zavada

Podcast star and stand-up comedian: Luke Thompson

A teacher and self-development book club organiser: Masha

A teacher and childfree woman who supports childfree women: Shweta Ramkuar

A friend from Australia who suffered from alcohol addiction: Amber Martin

English teacher and future YouTube star: Marty Green

A former nurse who helps doctors and nurses: Rachel Williams

The Grammar Detective: Paul Duke

An environmental activist and English listening coach: Cara Leopold

A language coach and psychology expert: Samatha Lantagne

One of my best friends, a fearless solo woman traveller who’s been to over 70 countries: Ambra DeSantis

A generous book author and productive podcaster: Lucia Matuonto

One of my most courageous learners: Lyn

The funniest English teacher I know: Martin Johnston

A former porn addict who became a porn detox coach: Roman Mironov

The writing coach who helped me write my book: Trisha Traughber

A tech writer and entrepreneur: Antonello Zanini

A learner of English who started a podcast to improve his English: Daniel Goodson

The English teacher who’s on a mission to change the way the world learns English: Christian Saunders

An English teacher and the only Aussie friend I have in Italy: Tania Jenkin

A public speaking coach: Brenden Kumarasamy

A scientist who became a pro travel writer (still editing this episode): Jennifer Walker

Stolaroid Stories will keep growing in 2024 also because of these cool people.


True stories and inspiring conversations with people from all walks of life, from language teachers and writers to army veterans and former porn addicts. Stolaroid Stories was initially intended to help adult learners of English improve their language skills. After 100 episodes, however, the podcast has evolved into a show to help curious minds explore ideas and perspectives about writing, business, education and self-development. Hosted by Fabio Cerpelloni, an English teacher and author from Italy.

Fabio Cerpelloni is an English language teacher, writer, author, and podcaster from Italy. You can find out more about him and his work by clicking on his glass of beer in the photo.